Get the right insurance for your precious stash. Easy as.

True personalisation

Personalised policies

Keep an inventory of the key items in your precious stash all in one place, and use it to tailor an insurance policy to protect just your important stuff.

No fuss

Minimum admin

From getting a quote to making a claim, Stash makes the admin hassle-free and intuitive. No need to worry about lengthy forms.

Minimum admin

No fuss

Understanding what your policy covers and what it doesn’t is key. With Stash, transparency is paramount. No jargon, you know what you pay for.

Craft your policy

Our offer


The Stash app helps you create a digital inventory of your most precious items, and use it to craft a policy that covers just the stuff you need, whilst keeping the admin to a minimum.

What you get


A simple, quick and easy way to get financial protection for the items you care about most. A policy built around your needs and that can evolve with your lifestyle. All relevant info in one place, at your fingertips.
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Digital native vs insurer

Why we built Stash


Insurance needs a new approach. Currently, the digital natives don’t engage well with it. One-size-fits-all policies, cryptic T&Cs and convoluted processes… It makes it hard for traditional insurers to attract, onboard and serve them efficiently. Time to change!

How we operate


Stash operates as a platform. That means we’ll work with an established insurance carrier to provide the novel type of policy we want to offer. We’ll take a commission on insurance premiums generated through Stash.
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